NYSEG Installing Electrical Service

NYSEG’s contractor will be starting to install the electrical service for the Harold’s Square project over a 2-week period starting this Saturday, October 13th. On Saturday, Monday, and Tuesday the work will be done inside the construction zone. Starting Wednesday, excavation for the vault will include trenching down the sidewalk along the east side of city hall parking lot. This activity will take all of the remainder of next week. Once the installation is complete (week of the 22nd) they will be working along the north side of Green St. removing sidewalk and trenching for new conduits. This phase of the operation will take another full week.

Backfilling Continues

Backfilling on the Commons will continue this week. There were some delays due to illness and weather but it should wrap up by the end of the week and the shoring can then be removed. The masons are nearing completion of their work on the east and west of the property, allowing for the steel work to resume on the site. Steel placement will dominate the site in the coming weeks.