It’s Ithacating

Due to the rain, the pours scheduled for this week have been moved to next week. As always, these are also weather dependent but we hope to pour on Monday (May 20) and Thursday (May 23). Other work continues with utilities, roughing in, and steel.

Wishing all of those who are graduating in the coming weeks the best, and hoping that the weather breaks so that you can enjoy the celebrations, as well as all that our downtown community has to offer.

April Showers Brings May Flowers

The next week will see the crew dealing with challenging weather with rain in the forecast. Currently the pour that was scheduled for Thursday is now going to take place on Friday. This will be for the 5th floor on the south. The pour for the North side, and the stairs on the Southwest will take place next Wednesday and Thursday, consecutively. Pours for the 6th and 7th floors will take place on 5/14 and 5/15, Spring willing.

Roughing in of utilities is continuing as well as fire protection and lighting. Plastering will begin next week. Deliveries are mostly occurring on Mondays and Fridays in the coming weeks. The team from LeChase continues to monitor safety and de-water the basement.

You may have noticed a new sign on the “Tower Crane.” The sign is part of a literacy campaign by the Children’s Reading Connection, and no, we do not intend to label all of our equipment (haha)! But you can read about this community wide effort by Brigid Hubberman here:

‘Words are essential nourishment’: Collecting and celebrating words as a community


Concrete Pours & Steel

The Harold’s Square project continues to make good progress with two pours happening Wednesday and Thursday of this week, and another next Thursday. Pours will likely continue at the rate of two per week, weather permitting, until the project tops out. There will be a steel delivery on Friday and it will continue to be erected and tied in. Ongoing activity includes utilities and rough-ins.

Harold’s Square Update – April 2nd

Steel erection is ongoing with the columns and decking on the 9th floor level, and we will be erecting the 10th floor steel next week. Once that is off the ground, we will have the real estate available to set the pump up and place the concrete on the 4th floor level which we have tentatively scheduled for Thursday and Friday of next week (weather and labor dependent). Once the 4th floor is complete, we will be prepping the 5th floor level and scheduling that for the next placement. Mechanical rough-ins are continuing in the basement with both Matco Electric and Crosby Brownlie onsite.

Crane service begins

After weeks of working to get the tower crane operating, steel erection began again on Wednesday (March 13) after all inspections and insurances were complete. This will continue until steel is complete with the next delivery arriving on Monday.

In the mean time, workers will be reinforcing the decks for concrete pours in the coming weeks, and tying in the steel. Subs are back on board and will rough in mechanicals, electrical, and plumbing, where possible.

Paolangeli contractors worked on backfilling the south and north sides of the property.