Harold’s Square Update – April 2nd

Steel erection is ongoing with the columns and decking on the 9th floor level, and we will be erecting the 10th floor steel next week. Once that is off the ground, we will have the real estate available to set the pump up and place the concrete on the 4th floor level which we have tentatively scheduled for Thursday and Friday of next week (weather and labor dependent). Once the 4th floor is complete, we will be prepping the 5th floor level and scheduling that for the next placement. Mechanical rough-ins are continuing in the basement with both Matco Electric and Crosby Brownlie onsite.

Crane service begins

After weeks of working to get the tower crane operating, steel erection began again on Wednesday (March 13) after all inspections and insurances were complete. This will continue until steel is complete with the next delivery arriving on Monday.

In the mean time, workers will be reinforcing the decks for concrete pours in the coming weeks, and tying in the steel. Subs are back on board and will rough in mechanicals, electrical, and plumbing, where possible.

Paolangeli contractors worked on backfilling the south and north sides of the property.


Update – February 23 – Harold’s Square Construction

Onsite work is set to restart on the Harold’s Square site next week. There were some delays in reissuing permits and insurances from the old to the new contractors, LeChase Construction, LLC. The new team has used this time to review work to date, plans, and schedules. The final certificate of insurance regarding the crane should be secured in the coming days. Randy Jordan from LeChase will be the lead superintendent moving forward and is on site with offices in the Sage building. Steel work will continue with Raulli and Sons Ironworks and Rig All (Utica crane service) re-mobilizing and getting the large crane moving again. As the weather improves steel construction will continue and concrete will be able to be poured. A meeting to update neighbors and downtown constituents will take place on March 7, 2019 at 2pm at City Hall.

Update – Harold’s Square Project Moving Forward

LeChase Construction, LLC., a known entity on the Ithaca construction scene (Carey Building, Tompkins Trust), has arrived on site at Harold’s Square and will now continue the work started by Taylor the Builders. Subcontractors are returning to the project as contracts are formed and permits are being reissued. LeChase is reviewing plans and meeting with architects, engineers, and subs to establish a schedule for the project. David Ciamarro is the current superintendent on site and the lead superintendent, Randy Jordan, will join the project on February 12. A meeting to update neighbors and downtown constituents will take place on March 7, 2019 at 2pm (location to be confirmed).