Harold’s Square Update: January 31

Despite the challenges of digging in the ground in the middle of winter, the Harold’s Square project continues to progress.

Thursday, February 1st will see the pouring of the one-foot thick mud slab for the crane pad. This mud slab will be a 45×45 square and 15 feet to the bottom. Approximately eight trucks will be coming in with 75 cubic yards for the slab. The pump will arrive at 7am and the trucks will start pouring at 8:30am. These trucks will stage in the surface parking lot and the fenced portion of the City Hall parking lot.

Monday, February 5th will see the arrival of the rebar for the crane pad. There will be a week of bar tied forms put in place before the pour. The crane pad will be a 4ft 6-inch pad that is 38×38 square. The crane pad pour will take place around February 9. Trucks will operate from 7am to 7pm to complete this pour that must be completed in one continuous form.

February 7th will see the smaller 55-ton crane arrive. This will come in early in the day from Cayuga Street. The fence will be opened and the crane will be delivered and then brought inside the fence. Pedestrian access, though limited, will be maintained throughout this delivery. There will be safety and traffic flaggers on Cayuga Street and the Commons side of the projects during this delivery. This will take approximately from 7am to 3:30pm.

The week of February 12 will include tying rebar and setting forms getting prepped for the 18” mat slab for foundation of the five-story section of the building. This 18” slab will be poured the week of February 26, temperatures allowing.

March will see the tying in of the rebar for the 30-inch slab for the tower portion of the building. This will be poured in mid-March, likely the week of the 12th. This will be the largest pour and concrete trucks will be staged on the north side of the 200 block of Green Street.

There have been concerns expressed about the arrival of the larger 300-ton crane that will be brought in to erect the tower crane. This is likely to occur during the 1st or 2nd week of March. Even during this time, Commons pedestrian access will be maintained on the North side. An ambassador will assist visitors in navigating the area. Each of the crane deliveries requires coordination with City police, traffic, and fire to ensure everyone’s safety.


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