Harold’s Square Update – July 11, 2018

The masons will be starting to work on block wall up to three floors on the Trader K’s side of the site. After this, the masonry walls will be constructed on the Sage and Yellow Deli buildings. Until this is complete, structural steel placement will be discontinued. Steel will begin again on July 23 and continue until completion. The first floor was poured and the 7-day breaks came back positive so the slab can now be loaded.

Backfilling that was scheduled to take place on the Commons was rescheduled to a later date. Paolangeli contracting will be back this week and will be backfilling the rear portion of the property. This will take 3 to 4 days and then will shift to the Commons side of the property. This will require 5 to 6 days of backfilling with approximately eight trucks per day. These round trips will be one-hour and flaggers will be in place to help pedestrians navigate the Commons. There will be no trucks on the Commons during Summer Sales on July 26 to the 29th.  After backfilling occurs, the shoring will be removed over a period of one to 2 days.

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