Harold’s Square LLC – L Enterprises, LLC, of Horseheads, New York, in partnership with McGuire Development of Buffalo, New York – plans to build the Harold’s Square mixed-use development project including 137-139, 135, 133 and 123-127 East State Street.  The project will total approximately 180k sf that includes 12k sf retail, 25k sf of office and 12 floors with 108 dwelling units. The project also includes 11,600 square feet (3 stories) of the William Henry Miller Building historic property that will be rehabilitated and made accessible. It is estimated that this $45M project will lead to the creation of ~200 FTE office and ~50 FTE retail jobs with 100 construction jobs. It will also add around 250 residents to downtown.

The building will have two fronts with two distinct personalities. The project’s Commons façade is designed to emulate the scale and texture of the historic buildings located within the district. The Green Street face is modern and extends to the allowed height restrictions while connecting to the existing City of Ithaca parking structure. The Green Street entry includes a two story atrium linking the street to the Commons. As the downtown central core expands beyond the Ithaca Commons to include Green Street and Clinton Street, these connectors are increasingly important and expected.

The new Harold’s Square project will drive the economy of the Commons, with the addition of retail space, professional space, micro apartments for density, and upscale apartments that will benefit existing consumerism throughout the core of the City. With the influx of new tourists, residents and employees, Harold’s Square will remain a vibrant fixture within the Commons, and an integral economic driver in leveraging the recent $15.3M Ithaca Commons project investment. With expected increase in jobs and housing vacancy, provided by the development of Harold’s Square, the potential for tenants/employees to remain within the City core is unparalleled.

Harold’s Square also includes a large public component to improve the Commons area including:
• Relocation of trash/recycling/storage areas out of the public area between the Commons and the Green Street Transit Hub.
• Redevelopment of the rear public entrances for multiple businesses including Autumn Leaves, Trader K’s, the Range, Yellow Deli and the Centre
• Creation of additional automobile parking within the municipal structure, bicycle racks and loading areas to serve all Commons businesses.